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Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell


- Edward Abbey

The business world needs leaders with purpose! The uncertainty and complexity of the business world require leaders with purpose and a growth mindset who can tackle difficult challenges while leading teams of people.

If this is you, then I will be delighted to be your partner on your journey of growth and self- discovery.

Coaching philosophy

Like a committed growth partner, Homy enables you to perform at your very best level, removing all obstacles along the way. You have all the answers and need a partner to help you discover them. His methods will inspire you to grow, harnessing your knowledge and skills whilst developing vision and internal belief.

By challenging your mindset and behaviour, he will inspire the confidence in you to take the next important steps along your chosen journey. And in reaching for your ideals, you will discover a clear path ahead.


Drivers of fulfilment: mastery, autonomy and purpose – Dan Pink

Common areas of focus

Leadership growth: if you have recently had a promotion or started a new leadership role and want to elevate your leadership, to adopt new behaviours, to improve your communication or executive presence

Career transition: if you ever dreamed of a new career, perhaps in a different organisation, a new function or even in a new industry, or even starting a new business

Returning to work: if you are facing the daunting prospect of returning to work after a break and wanting to integrate back to your previous role with more confidence and back on the promotion path

Starting a business: if you believe you have an idea that inspires you to help others and make a dent in the business world and need someone to help you through the entrepreneur’s journey

Grow as a Leader

There is nothing permanent except change

- Heraclitus

There are a multitude of reasons why you may feel the need for intervention at some point in your working life. With career paths becoming more flexible and unpredictable, it is no longer the norm to stay put in a particular job for life.


Promotions, career breaks, sabbaticals, business restructuring and re-vamps are commonplace.​​


  • Half of UK professionals will change job within 3 years

  • Over 40% of UK employees are actively looking for another job or profession (dependant on age category)

  • 1/3 of us feel we have not professionally developed over the past 12 months; don’t think we have work-life balance; nor feel we can express ourselves fully at work

  • More than half of high earners believe they can do a better job than their managers

  • The over 50 entrepreneurs have secured more funding than any other age category

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