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New Growth

Purposeful growth

for you & your business

Whether you are an individual trying to grow to the next level on your professional journey or aspiring to grow your business, the main ingredients are already within you. Yet, to successfully journey along the path of your growth while remaining true to your purpose requires help. Homy is your partner to think through your challenges, to reflect on your leadership, to provide a safe space to generate ideas, to challenge you and most importantly to cheer for you. He brings his years of experience to your service, offering ideas, frameworks and tools that will accelerate your progress.

How I can help

Growing as a leader

There are a multitude of reasons why you may feel the need for intervention at some point in your working life.

How I can help

Growing your business

In this digital age, the challenge for small and medium sized businesses to remain competitive, continues to grow.


Happy or right?

Many times I have argued with friends, colleagues or even family.  After a while I felt exhausted even when I was proven right. Then I read an article that asked: what would you choose: being happy or being right?  My first reaction was “being happy” and then I reflected on my arguments. When is one better than the other?  Do you make a conscious choice? Think of a few examples and see if your reflection matches your reality.



Alex Classen


Coutts International

Homy worked for me for a year on delivering on our key strategic priorities, including the sale of our non-strategic business. I was very pleased with his approach to managing diverse groups of internal and external stakeholders through all stages of the transaction. Homy's ability to focus on strategic priorities, clearly communicating these to the team and engaging with external buyers helped us successfully deliver on our priorities. I look forward to working with Homy again as he was an extremely valuable asset to my team.

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